Boutique Hotel Alhambra, Mali Lošinj

Timeless Mediterranean glamour

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Tranquil glamour set on the revitalizing island

The island of Lošinj, with its temperate climate and picturesque views, has long been one of the Adriatic’s best-kept secrets.

In the mid-19th century Vienna and Budapest established a railroad to the coast, and an elite clientele from the power centers of Europe began discovering their love for Lošinj. Even from imperial court, guests came to Lošinj in order to enjoy the healthy benefits of the island’s salty air and tranquility.


Evergreen island of Lošinj

Due to its pleasant climate, the Habsburg Archduke, Karlo Stiepan, chose Lošinj as the place for his summer residence and brought more than 200 evergreen trees to the island. Today they provide the verdant shade for Lošinj’s beautiful, sheltered and secluded bays. In Cikat Bay, the most beautiful bay on Lošinj, sits Hotel Alhambra, a place where old Mediterranean glamour comes to life.


Architectural and sensual masterpiece

Alhambra sprang from the imagination of Alfred Keller, a renowned Austrian architect who left his trace around the world by designing simple, elegant hotels that reconcile modernity and tradition. Alhambra, under the watchful instruction of Keller, was built on the coast for the Baroness Gabriella Kersner in 1912 and in the style of a Mediterranean villa. From the very beginning, Hotel Alhambra was a place of sophisticated luxury, a salon for the era’s intellectual and cultural elite. Many great philosophers, musicians, and politicians stayed at Alhambra and discussed the important issues of the day late into the night of the hotel’s veranda.


Flight for the body and soul

Alhambra offers numerous experiences, tailor-made for the senses. Taste rare wines and superb food in the Alfred Keller restaurant. Each dish, such as Kvarner shrimp or lamb chops, is made from the finest local ingredients.

The tradition of the former salon and its discussion of important topics lives on as the opinions of global experts in the relevant fields can still be heard in the hotel. Relax in the hotel’s award-winning Spa with sophisticated and specially designed treatments and rituals that restore the balance between body and soul, using the aromas from the island.

Glamour is timeless

Hotel Alhambra, an elegant building that has renowned with beauty and sophistication for more than a century, is an experience that offers the true and timeless glamour of the Mediterranean.

Boutique Hotel Alhambra, an elegant building that has renowned for beauty and sophistication for more than a century, is an


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